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Casket Box Liner, Tailored Fit, Panel Casket

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This premium tailored casket liner has additional items to enhance the finished look. It will only fit in our Panel Casket.

This casket liner includes the following:

  • One a casket box liner 6 yd. X 16.5 in.
  • One cardboard strip 6 yd. X 0.5 in.
  • Installation instructions
  • One mid-casket drape XX x X
  • One hinge cover XX x X
  • One extendover XX x X
  • Top Support Cover

Box liner has finished edges and is attached to K-cell which adds body to the fabric.

Also available in a Standard set which does NOT include; Mid-Casket Drape, Hinge Cover and Extendover.

Helpful items for installation:

  • An extra set of hands
  • Heavy duty stapler or staple gun
  • Tape measure