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About Us

Casket Builder Supply is a family-owned business located in South Central Wisconsin. Founders, Julie and Jonas Zahn, also own a sustainable casket company locally sourcing materials and building caskets for Wisconsin funeral homes.  Julie and Jonas organized the Casket Builder Supply company as a result of hundreds of inquiries from casket and coffin makers around the world calling to ask about sourcing parts and hardware for making caskets or coffins. 

In 2012, Julie and Jonas starting selling parts and hardware to other casket makers.  The demand for parts, hardware, upholstery, and accessories grew and, in 2018, the Casket Builder Supply company launched as a division of the Northwoods Casket Company, Inc with a new brand, whole new look, new web site, and hundreds of new parts and accessories for casket builders to choose from.

As a small family-owned company, we take pride in making our customers successful. We'll help you source those hard-to-find parts... the kind you can't just drive to your local big box hardware store and buy!

"We believe in making customers, not sales.

We know what it is like to build caskets. We know how hard it is to find some of those parts. We know what it is like to be told, "we only make them in batches of 2000," or what it is like to hear, "that part has 6 weeks lead-time."  We aim to make parts readily and easily available to you for immediate delivery whether you are building just 1 casket or 101 caskets.



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