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Our Suppliers

At Casket Builder Supply, we strive to bring you top quality parts & hardware from some of those manufacturers who set the standards in the casket industry. If you've been building caskets for some time, you're already familiar with these brands. You also know they are manufacturers and only build-to-order in large quantities with lead times up to 6 weeks. We aim to keep these parts in inventory and ship them to you same day as ordered in quantities enough to build one casket or 100 caskets.

General Machinery & Manufacturing Co. (Chicago, IL) since 1918

We've partnered with General Machinery & Mfg. Co. to revive a collection of unique vintage casket parts--some of them have been out of production since the 1940s!

These vintage casket hardware parts are the real deal, the original issue, genuinely made in Chicago, USA. There is no substitute for the quality exhibited in these parts. Stamped from USA steel in the heart of Chicago's Northeast side manufacturing district. Founded in 1918, GMMCO was the premiere casket hardware manufacturer supplying most casket companies in the United States. Founder Stephen Junkunc II held the original patents to many of these components including the snap-in swing arm adapter.

These genuine steel casket parts are stamped with original dies designed by Stephen Junkunc II and his sons in the 1920s. Erik Junkunc, Stephen’s grandson and current manager of the business and in conjunction with Carlos/Mario, managed to find the original stamping dies! This team has begun the process of making new batches of these vintage parts exclusively for Casket Builder Supply. We are excited to offer them to you!

Dixline (Galva, IL) since 1924

Dixline’s primary business has always been centered around the production and finishing of decorative and functional casket hardware for use on burial caskets. Over the years Dixline has expanded operations to include manufacturing parts for a large number of industries from automotive and agricultural equipment to sports and toys.

Dixline Corporation is privately owned by the Thomson family. The third and fourth generations of the Thomson family are actively involved in the management and operation of the company today. At Casket Builder Supply, we've partnered with Dixline to bring you a variety of the most common swing arm handles in a collection of antique and polished finishes.

Iron City Stamping, Inc. (Iron City, TN) since 1958

Family owned and operated, the Etheredge Manufacturing Company, Inc. also operates as Iron City Stamping and has been stamping out steel parts for the auto and casket industry since 1958. The company specializes in casket hinges, lid top supports, latches, and adjustable beds for both wood and steel caskets. Iron City Stamping is one of the few remaining US-based manufacturers of quality steel parts since much of the casket industry has been exported to Mexico and China by the Big Casket companies. Today, Iron City Stamping employs between 80 and 100 hardworking Americans in Iron City, Tennessee. At Casket Builder Supply, we are proud to bring you this collection of casket hardware parts that we keep in-stock and ship daily.


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