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Anti-Foaming Agent for Paint

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Anti–Foam will reduce or eliminate foaming and bubbling in milk paint, enabling easier mixing and application. Comes in a 2 oz. bottle.

Description and Attributes

  • Food-grade additive used to reduce the foam and improve the smoothness of milk paint
  • Reduces foaming and bubbling in our non-toxic paint, enabling easier mixing and application
  • Helps the powder pigments disperse easily into water; some of the pigment powder colors such as “Salmon” and “Bright Red” tend to float on the water, making mixing and homogeneity difficult
  • Breaks surface tension to allow faster mixing and the proper texture of paint for application
  • Makes paint smoother
  • When used in recommended amounts, Anti-Foam will not negatively affect adhesion of paint to surfaces.


  1. Mix Real Milk Paint pigment powder into water.
  2. Mildly agitate mechanically (shake) or stir.
  3. After slightly mixing, add 2-4 drops of Anti-Foam per pint of paint.
  4. Stir into solution and watch the bubbles dissipate.