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Casket Overlay Accessory Set - Nature and Floral

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Honor Outdoor Enthusiasts, Gardners And Nature Lovers.

These casket accessory sets are beautifully hand-made and embroidered. We are proud to craft these sets in Wisconsin from sturdy 100% Cotton fabric. May be used with any casket or urn, or displayed in a memorial service. Includes attractive gift box, and is suitable for giving as a gift. May be brought home from funeral as a keepsake.
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Each set includes three pieces:
  1. Casket Overlay, which is draped over the top of the casket. Measures 45" Long by 11" Wide.
  2. Pillow Sash, which may be placed on the pillow or draped over the front edge. Measures 28" Long by 6" Wide.
  3. Shrine, which is placed over the front edge of an open casket. Measures 23.5" Long by 11.5" Wide.