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Raw Wood Cleaner

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RMC Cleaner is a cleaner that guarantees thorough cleaning of the surface – after sanding and vacuuming – before treating it with Rubio Monocoat Oil.

  • Removes even the smallest dust particles
  • Use to clean tools & containers after the oil application
  • Use with a damp sponge or soft cotton cloth
  • Mix 1 part cleaner with 4 parts warm water for large jobs
  • Simply wet a soft cotton cloth with cleaner for small jobs
  • Allow to fully dry before applying oil--minimum 1 hour

"Rubio Monocoat has completely changed how we do oil finishes on caskets. We used to apply pure tung oil diluted with pure orange oil. While the result is beautiful, the finish took 10 to 30 days to cure. With Rubio Monocoat, we get the same beautiful result--with no odor and no toxic fumes--in a single day!  From finishing to upholstery in 1 day, not 20-30 days.  This has reduced our WIP (work-in-progress) significantly saving us $1000s.  --Jeff C. at Northwoods Casket Co."