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Milk Paint - The Purple Collection, All Natural VOC-free Finish
Milk Paint - The Purple Collection, All Natural VOC-free Finish
Milk Paint - The Purple Collection, All Natural VOC-free Finish

Milk Paint - The Purple Collection, All Natural VOC-free Finish

Real Milk Paint Co.

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Milk Paint is an eco-friendly, food contact safe paint perfect for any project. Made from milk protein, calcium lime, natural pigment, and plant based filler, Milk Paint is entirely natural and environmentally friendly. Milk Paint works best for raw wood, but can also adhere to other porous surfaces (listed below) and finished wood.


This is our Pink and Purple Collection! If you would like to see our most popular colors, check out our Bestsellers Collection! If you are looking for a specific color, our other collections include Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Pinks and Purples, Whites, Grays, Blacks, and Browns.



Continue reading for more information on Milk Paint, including frequently asked questions and directions on how to use. If you have any other questions, please feel free to message us directly!


Frequently Asked Questions


♡ Does Milk Paint have to be sealed?

▫ It is recommended that a sealer or finish is used to keep water or dirt from contaminating or dirtying the paint.

▫ While most wood finishes work, we recommend using Pure Tung Oil, Hemp Oil, or Carnauba Wax to finish the paint because all three are all-natural and VOC-free. If you would like to read more about Tung Oil or Hemp Oil, you can check out our Pure Tung Oil Listing.


♡ Is Milk Paint safe to use outside?

▫ Yes! Milk paint works well outside and remains vibrant!

▫ To keep milk paint clean and preserved, it is recommended to finish. For the best outdoor sealant, we recommend Pure Tung Oil (for more information, check out our Pure Tung Oil Listing).


♡ Is this safe for children’s toys or for children to use?

▫ Yes! This is entirely non-toxic, VOC-free, and is perfectly safe for children to be around. This paint is perfect for children’s toys because it soaks into the wood (instead of just creating a layer on top), protecting little ones from paint chips.


♡ What does Milk Paint stick to?

▫ Milk Paint works best on raw wood, drywall, unsealed walls, unsealed brick, concrete or other porous materials the paint can soak into. It also works over old wood finishes.

▫ Milk paint does not stick well to new metal surfaces, plastics, or oil-base paints unless an additive, such as Ultra Bond, is mixed in. For more information on Ultra Bond, check out our Ultra Bond listing!

▫ No primer is needed for raw wood or other porous surfaces!

▫ When refinishing antiques, be sure the surface is very clean, a light sanding would be necessary. Tri-Sodium Phosphate can be used as a cleaner once the furniture is stripped.

Directions for Use

♡ Preparation

▫ Make sure the surface is free of contamination, wax, grease, or oils. We recommend TSP (trisodium phosphate) as a cleaner. For painting over nonporous or previously finished surfaces always test for adhesion or use Ultra Bond to ensure adhesion. Real Milk Paint® is a natural product and sticks best to other natural, porous surfaces like raw wood, concrete, brick, terra cotta, etc.

▫ To remove conventional paints, we recommend Soy Gel. Or use Milk Paint Remover to strip away protein-based paints like milk paint.


♡ Application

▫ Each Real Milk Paint® package contains the appropriate amount of powdered milk paint to create the stated amount of paint (sample, pint, quart, gallon). The recommended mixture is one part milk paint powder to one part water.


- Sample – 2 tbsp

- Pint – 1.25 cups

- Quart – 2.5 cups

- Gallon – 10 cups


▫ Remove the bag from the can. Measure the desired amount of Real Milk Paint® powder into the can. Add equal parts of water into the can (tap water can be used). For the best results, use warm or distilled water. Place the marble in the can. Securely place the lid on the can and shake for approximately 5 minutes. Let paint rest for 10-20 minutes so Real Milk Paint® powder fully dissolves in water. Repeat shaking steps if clumps are present in the milk paint.


▫ Real Milk Paint® should have a creamy consistency. If the paint is too thin, add small amounts of milk paint powder, stirring and shaking as necessary. If the consistency of the paint is too thick, add small amounts of water into the mixture.


▫ Stir frequently while painting. Apply with a natural bristle brush, painter’s brush, foam brush, or foam roller. Allow the Milk Paint to dry on the surface for 30 minutes (or until dry to the touch) before applying successive coats. For complete and even coverage, two coats are recommended.


▫ Milk paint is naturally porous and if left unsealed may absorb dirt, greases, and stains. After the paint has dried, it can be sealed with a variety of finishes. Some of our recommendations include Pure Tung Oil, Hemp Oil, and Soft or Carnauba Wax. (For more information, see our Pure Tung Oil listing or Hemp Oil listing).


▫ Milk Paint has a 3-year shelf life as a dry powder and 14 day-use after mixing with water. Dispose of unwanted milk paint in compost or by local disposal regulations. Clean up with mild soap and water.



♡ Coverage

SAMPLE - 2 sq. ft. Real Milk Paint® Sample size covers approximately 2 sq. feet. This size can paint a small picture frame or add color accents to wooden children’s toys. Perfect for finding the color for your next project!


PINT - 35 sq. ft. Real Milk Paint® Pint size covers approximately 35 sq. feet. Enough paint for a small dresser or two regular chairs.


QUART - 70 sq. ft. Real Milk Paint® Quart size covers approximately 70 sq. feet. This size has the ability to cover a large dresser, small hutch, or headboard and footboard of a bed.


GALLON - 280 sq. ft. Real Milk Paint® Gallon size covers approximately 280 sq. feet. The gallon size is the size you need to cover small kitchen cabinets or large dining room table and chairs.


♡ Hints and Tips Milk Paint is highly customizable to create the look, texture, and feel you envision. Here are a few ways to manipulate the paint to create different looks.

▫ To create a wash, stain, or pickling effect with the milk paint, simply add more water to the milk paint mixture.

▫ For a crackle or “alligator” look, paint over previously finished surfaces.


♡ Spraying Milk Paint

▫ It is possible to spray milk paint! Here are a few recommendations when looking to spray Real Milk Paint®.

▫ Mix milk paint according to the instructions above. Using a blender is also recommended to ensure any clumps get broken up.

▫ Allow mixed paint to rest overnight so that milk paint powder fully dissolves.

▫ Strain the mixed milk paint through a cheesecloth or paint strainer before pouring into the hopper.

▫ Use the largest needle size on spray gun to allow any large particles to pass through the gun.


If you still have questions, remember you can always message us directly!

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