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Outdoor Defense Oil

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A perfect outdoor wood treatment oil that provides a great Non-Toxic way to finish your outdoor projects! This oil is made with 100% Pure Tung Oil, Pine Oil, and Zinc. Use it as a raised garden bed, deck, fencing, or pergola wood finish. Also works well on concrete, stone or any absorbent material for exterior finishing.

♡ Description

▫ Outdoor Defense Oil is a great Non-Toxic way to finish your outdoor projects. It’s made with 100% Pure Tung Oil, Pine Oil, and Zinc. We all know about Zinc in sunburn skincare products. The zinc helps to keep mold and mildew as well as act as a UV inhibitor. 

▫ Use as an outdoor wood finish or on concrete, stone, and any absorbent material. This also works great as a cedar garden bed oil and it provides deck protection.  

▫ Generally, 2 to 4 coats give moderate protection. More coats only if the wood will accept it. 

▫ The Outdoor Defense Oil can build on a surface and may not be super smooth to the touch, but this will only happen if the oil is over-applied. Will provide a matte finish. 

▫ Do not apply directly under the hot sun, as the oil will polymerize very fast and leave a frosty, rubbery surface. It does not need to be thinned with a solvent . 

▫ Ready to be used right from the bottle! Hang rags outside separately to dry before disposing of.

♡ Application Examples

▫ Raised Garden Beds

▫ Wooden Adirondack chairs

▫ Log Pine Furniture

▫ Decks

▫ Wood Fencing

▫ Front Porches

▫ Concrete Patio

▫ Park Benches

▫ Wooden Storage Sheds

▫ Over Real Milk Paint®

♡ Coverage

▫ Sample oz. covers 1 sq. foot

▫ 16 oz. covers 50 sq. feet

▫ 32 oz. covers 100 sq. feet

▫ Gallon covers 400 sq. feet

▫ i.e. One Gallon would cover 400 sq. feet one time.

♡ Details

▫ Shake well before use

▫ Environmentally friendly oil that provides a warm glow to your outdoor furniture, concrete, stone, brick, wood, exteriors, deck protection,  siding….and well you name it.

▫ Can be mixed with any other of our Tung Oil Products (i.e. Pure Tung Oil, Dark Tung Oil, Dark Half, Half & Half)


▫ Use ventilation until the solvent is evaporated from the finish, about 2-4 hours

▫ NOTE: Not for use over oil based sealer type stains or other finishes. Store in a moderate temperature.

▫ Hang rags separately outside to dry before disposing of.