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Lug, Swing Bar Bracket Cover

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Swing Bar Bracket Cover (Lug) for Casket Handles

This lug (also known as a shield) is designed to cover the mounting points on the outside of the casket where the bolt-through style swing bar arm connects to the casket. Each lug covers two swing bar arms. The lug can be installed with two wood screws. Typically, the lug snaps in place after the swing bar arms are installed with brass clips (2 clips are included with each lug). Typically use 3 lugs per long side and 1 lug on each end of the casket for a total of 8 lugs for one casket.

This lug is compatible with bolt through swing bar handle brackets.


  • Length: 11-1/2 in.
  • Width: 3 in.
  • Thickness: 3/4 in.
  • Handle Spacing: 7-1/2 in.
  • Material: Injection Molded Plastic; Brass Spring Clips
  • Finishing Process: PVD Vacuum Coating
  • Finishing Technique: Antiqued or Polished
  • Color: Antique Bronze, Polished Gold or Polished Bronze
  • Origin: Made in Illinois, USA