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Swing Bar Casket Handles, 1-1/4 Round, Arm Only

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This steel arm and adapter style casket handle is common on wood caskets. This type of arm hinges on a patented 3-hole pattern and can be connected to a simple single adapter or a pair of arms can be used with a lug. The arm is secured to the outside of a wood casket with single or double lug or bracket. The arm is wrapped around a round dowel handle made from wood or steel.

This arm is a 1-1/4 round profile.  If you are purchasing or making your own dowel handles, you will want the outside precisely 1-1/4 diameter.

This swing bar is the real vintage. We've partnered with General Machinery & Mfg. Co. of Chicago to revive these unique vintage parts--some of which have not been produced since the 1940s. Learn more about these vintage parts by reading about our suppliers.

The first thing you will notice when you receive these parts is that the steel is higher quality and heavier gage than many similar brackets made by others. This type of arm is an adapter design. The bracket is secured to the side of the casket with single or double lug or bracket. The arm hinges on a patented 3-hole pattern.


Part: G349
Arm Length: 4 in.
Arm Width: 1-1/4 in.
Arm Protrusion (at rest): 1-1/4 in.
Handle Size: Round 1-1/4
Steel (arms): 0.025 (1/40 inch) - 24 ga.
Steel Source: Made in USA
Finish: Unfinished


These parts are ready for your unique and creative finishing coat. While we offer swing arm parts in a small variety of polished and antique finishes, there are countless methods to finish these steel parts to achieve the unique style you want. Learn more by reading our article on how to finish raw steel