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Adapter Style Swing Bar Casket Handle, 1-1/4 Inch Round

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The industry standard when it comes to swing bar style casket handles

These are the industry standard when it comes to swing bar style casket handle hardware. For four generations, Dixline has been stamping and finishing this Swing bar arm for casket builders all over the world. This is the design that has been copied by dozens of foreign casket hardware manufacturers. If you want the original, look no further.

Antique finishes include antique bronze, antique copper and venetian bronze. Polished finishes include polished bronze, polished silver and polished gold. Add matching end caps to complete your project.

These swing bar arms are designed to secure to an 1-1/4-inch oval wooden or metal round stock casket handle (not included). An 1-1/4 round wood dowel or metal tube stock can be sourced at your local home improvement store. Order a set of 12 swing bars for 4-pattern on each long side, or 16 swing bars for 6-pattern on each long side.

Installation & Fasteners (not included)

These hinged swing bar arms attach to the sidewall of the casket. Each swing bar arm has three holes. We recommend using the center hole for positioning with one machine screw, washer & nut through the casket wall. This allows you to precisely measure and pre-drill those holes and position the handle neatly. The other two holes can receive two #8 x 5/8 inch pan head wood screws to secure the handles to the casket wall. Fasteners sold separately.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finishing process: Electroplating
  • Finishing technique: Antiqued Bronze
  • 4-1/2 inches tall
  • 1-5/8 inches wide
  • Handle assembly adds 1-5/8 inches to outside of casket on each side
  • Origin: Illinois, USA